Local Motive Travel: Inspiring Locally Conscious Travel by connecting local communities to the travel community


The Blog

I’m Megan and this is Local motive Travel, a blog where the motive is to inspire locally conscious travel by connecting local communities to the travel community. Whether interviewing locals from various parts of the world – to shed light on a local issue or to simply share what they love most about their home – to providing tips and advice on responsible travel, I hope to inspire YOU to create more authentic travel experiences. By engaging and giving back to local communities, we can help keep the places we love to travel to, the same places we love to return to.


I’m a travel professional with over 10 years of experience working in various industry sectors from Airlines and hotels to my most recent position as a Latin America Specialist for an award winning tour operator. Through the years I have witnessed how tourism has to the potential to greatly impact it’s host communities, both in positive and negative ways. And with a little awareness on what ethical and responsible travel entails, I believe people truly can positively impact the world with their passports.

As for my personal travels, I have visited over 20 countries spanning across 5 continents. It wasn’t until recently when a friend made the comment “Megan, no one quite travels like you do” that really got me thinking. What do I do differently that always has me returning home with the best stories – some hilarious, some heartwarming and others heartbreaking. Nonetheless, I always come back feeling as though I really got to know the soul of the place.

The answer is simple – it’s the local people. No matter how far I travel – whether down the street or across the world – I always make a point to engage with locals. Through this blog, I hope to expose my readers to some of the amazing people I’ve met throughout my travels, giving a voice to the locals in the destinations you hope to visit. And by putting local faces to local places, I hope to inspire you to take action and adopt responsible travel practices.