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The Motive – Inspiring locally conscious travel by connecting local communities to the travel community

“Essentially we’re talking about mindful travel, with an awareness of the place you’re going and whether the money you spend benefits the economy of the local hosts” – Jeff Greenwald -the travel journalist and Co-founder of Ethical Traveler via the Washington Post

Whatever your motivation for travel – history, culture, relaxation or adventure -they all depend on two factors, the local people (whether past or present) and the natural environment they call home.  By keeping these local communities at the forefront of this blog, I hope to inspire, inform and create.

  • Inform you of the local issues in various destinations as well as provide you with tips and guidelines for how to have more of a positive impact on the environment, heritage and culture of the communities you visit. By doing so, we can keep the places that we love to travel to, the same places that we love to return to
  • Inspire you to be more deliberate with how & where you choose to spend your travel dollars by opting for destinations where your presence is most needed
  • To help you create more authentic travel experiences by providing you with the know-how for engaging and giving back to the communities you visit


About the Blog’s Sections

Responsible Travel – Provides advice, guidelines and tips on how to travel responsibly by respecting local cultures, people and environments. This section also highlights local people and organizations that are doing their part in the Sustainable Tourism sector

A Local’s Guide – Brings out the “human side” of travel by putting a face to a destination through interviews with locals about their little corner of the world – providing YOU, the traveler, insights that only a true local would know.

Destinations – Search for responsible travel tips & guidelines as well as local interviews by region

Press Page –  A List of my published articles